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Date:2018-07-03The International Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Forum


Guests from all the fields gathered together to witness the grand opening of 

the 6th International (Shanghai) Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Forum.


As an important cultural program of the 13th Chinese Cultural Heritage Day and the participation of Shanghai in the construction of “The Belt & Road”, the 6th International (Shanghai) Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Forum was held from June 7th to 8th in Shanghai.


The 6th International (Shanghai) Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Forum, guided by Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV, Shanghai Municipal People's Government Foreign Affairs Office, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Changning District People's Government, co-organized by Shanghai Art Collection Museum and Shanghai  Art & Design Academy, is one of the series events of "The 8th International Exhibition of Traditional Fine Arts".

The Sixth International (Shanghai) Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Forum, with the theme “Reconstruction of Tradition: New Trends in Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection”, will focus on the latest challenges for ICH protection and encourage participants to share their experience working with ICH and offer insights that may be useful.


Mr. Ronghua Wang, Vice Chairman of the 10th CPPCC Shanghai Committee, Former President of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Mr. Bing Ni, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV, Mr. Guangyong Liu, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Foreign Affairs Office, Mr. Khaled Youssef, Consul General of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Shanghai, Mr. Nanjie Luozhu, Deputy Director of Changning District People’s Government, Mr. Shunkang Xin, Vice President and Secretary General of Association of Former Diplomats of China, Former Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe and Namibia, Mr. Hyun Jung Cho, Director General of National Intangible Cultural Heritage Center of South Korea, Ms. Iryna Akimova, Former Member of Ukrainian Parliament, Leader of Ukrainian Association of Feminine Research in Art, Mr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, Vice President for Community Service and Environment Development of Alexandria University, Mr. Chunping Li, Head of European and African Affairs Division, Shanghai Municipal People’ s Government Foreign Affairs Office, Mr. Peng Chen, Director of Shanghai CPPCC Propaganda and Education Department, Ms. Yujing Xia, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC in Changning District, Director of Propaganda Department, Mr. Yongming Ge, Vice Director of Intangible Cultural Heritage Division, Shanghai Municipal Administration for Culture, Radio, Film&TV, Mr. Muqing Hu, President of Shanghai Art Collection Museum, Mr. Tao Xu, Party Secretary of Shanghai Art & Design Academy, and other Chinese and foreign leaders, guests, ICH experts, artists, media agencies and reporters have attended the forum.

Site Photos


The forum is divided into two sessions, the keynote forum on June 7th and the thematic forum on June 8th.


Keynote Forum



Site Photos of Keynote Forum



Welcome Speech by Mr. Guangyong Liu, Deputy Director of 

Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Foreign Affairs Office



Welcome Speech by Mr. Khaled Youssef , Consul General of 

the Arab Republic of Egypt in Shanghai 


Mr. Ronghua Wang, Vice Chairman of the 10th CPPCC Shanghai Committee, Former Director of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

Speech Topic: Strengthen the Research on Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection along “The Belt and Road” and Promote People-to-People Communication



Mr. Bing Ni, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV

Speech Topic: Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Inheritance with Shanghai Characteristics in the New Era



Mr. Shunkang Xin , Vice President and Secretary-General of Association of

Former Diplomats of China, Former Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe and


Speech Topic: Status Quo of Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection in Africa



Mr. Hyun-Jung Cho , Director General of National Intangible Cultural

Heritage Center of South Korea

Speech Topic: Innovative Experience of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Protection of the Republic of Korea



Mr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, Vice President for Community Service and 

Environment Deverlopment of Alexandria University

Speech Topic: The Role of Alexandria University in the Protection of

Alexandrian Cultural  Heritage



Mr. Mahdi Tamizi, Director of Museum of Contemporary Art of Isfahan.

Speech Topic: Isfahan’ s Role in the Cultural Inheritance of Silk Road:Review and Prospect



Ms. Iryna Akimova, Former Member of Ukrainian Parliament, Leader of

Ukrainian Association of Feminine Research in Art

Speech Topic: Traditions and Innovations in the Ukrainian Women’ s Art




Mr. Khaled Raouf, Vice President of Hellenic Foundation for Culture of


Speech Topic: Status Quo of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Alexandria


 Mr. Keisen Kizaki, The 16th Head Priest of Japanese Natadera Temple

Speech Topic: The Special Role of Japanese Temples in the Inheritance of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Take the Natadera Temple as an Example



Ms. Ewa Rachoń, Project Director of International Amber Fairs 

(Amberif &Ambermart)

Speech Topic: “Amber Road” and “The Belt & Road” - The Bridge of

Friendship of Cultural Exchange


Mr. Toshio Ohi, OHI CHOZAEMON XI, Famous Ceramic Artist

Speech Topic: Family Inheritance of Japanese Cultural Heritage: Taking

Ceramic Technique “Ohi Yaki” as an Example


Mr.  Weibing Xu, Director of Bureau of Culture, Sports, Press and Publication,

Director of Bureau of Radio, Film and Television, Jianyang District, Nanping

City, Fujian Province

Speech Topic: Inheritance and Innovation of the Temmoku Teacup

Craftsmanship with Thousand Years





Thematic Forum

Thematic Forum on June 8th also attracted a large number of 

Chinese and foreign experts and scholars. Seats were packed in the venue

Site Photo of Thematic Forum 


Following guests stated their opinions on ICH protection: Mr. Oleg Pinchuk, Adviser of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Director of Contemporary Art Center of Kiev, Famous Sculptor, Mr. Yasugi Kazuo, President of Japan Cloisonne Artists Association, Mr. Anying Chen, Head of the Department of Art History, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Ms. Lana Habib, Director of Teaching Arabic as Foreign Language Center of Alexandria University, Ms. Ling Ke, Professor of Fashion & Art Design School of Donghua University, Director of Intangible Cultural Heritage Education and Research Center, Mr. Stanislav Drokin, Ukrainian Famous Jewellery Designer, Gold Medal Winner of Basel World Design Competition, Mr. Satoshi Hara, Professor in metalworking major of Processing Department of Kanazawa College of Art in Japan, Ms. Maria Koshenkova, Representative of Russian Artists, International Famous Glass Artist, Mr. Paul Beckett, Representative of Britain Artists, International Famous Horologe Artist, Mr. Nobuyuki Fujiwara, Vice President of Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, Director of Glass Modeling Research Center, Ms.  Shuiqin Chen, Chinese Arts and Crafts Master, Expert of Jury of Chinese Arts and Crafts Master, Ms.  Fan Zhang, Teacher of Jewelry Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Member of British Gemology Association, Mr. Yi Jiang, Teacher of School of Fashion and Craft, Shanghai Art & Design Academy, etc. 





Experts from Asia, Europe, and Africa stated their opinions.


Besides, Mr. Wenhua Kang and Mr. Lei Fang, Party Secretary and Director of Changning District Culture Bureau, Ms. Hongmei Ke, Deputy Director of People's Government of Jianyang District, Nanping City, Fujian Province, Ms. Jinjin Niu, Deputy Director of Shanghai Art Collection Museum, Mr. Hong Cai, Deputy Party Secretary and Deputy Director of Shanghai Art & Design Academy, Mr. Bo Yang, Deputy Director of Shanghai Art & Design Academy, Mr. Mingfu Wang, Assistant of President of Shanghai Educational Development Foundation, Ms. Honglian Zhang and Ms. Fei Xue, Secretary General and Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Educational Development Foundation, Mr. Hossein Bordbar, Director of Bordbar Art Foundation, Mr. Andrzej Kasprzak, Chairman of the Board of the Gdańsk International Fair SA, Ms. Tetiana Korchova and Mr. Serghei Covalenco, Chairman and Vice Chairman of Ukraine Amber World Association, Ms. Kyoko Iwamoto, Standing Member of Japan Cloisonne Artists Association and other 200 representatives, experts in ICH protection field have took part in the forum as well. 

According to the introduction of the representative from the Hosts, the 6th International (Shanghai) Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Forum is an upgrade and improvement on the basic of the experience of the 1st to 5th session. By cultural communications along “The Belt & Road”,  especially by the experience exchanges in the ICH protection field, the Organizing Committee hopes to vigorously promote and inherit the outstanding cultural tradition and human values from all around the world, to promote the ICH protection cooperation of the sister cities of Shanghai together and lay a foundation for building the “ICH Protection Network of Institutions of Sister Cities” in Shanghai in the near future.  


The experts at the forum pointed out that countries along the “Belt and Road” have extremely rich ICH resources, which lay a good foundation for mutual cooperation. "Intangible cultural heritage is the common heritage of humankind, and it is also the oldest and most vivid cultural and historical tradition. It is easy for ordinary people to accept and understand." Mr. Ronghua Wang, Former President of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, believes that in terms of the promotion of public understanding, ICH is the important bridge and has unique advantages. "To protect the ICH, people need not only to inherit and guard the traditions and classics, but also to contact and meet people working in different fields, to expand their knowledge, challenge new things, and keep moving." said Toshio Ohi, OHI CHOZAEMON XI. 

Participating experts from different countries spoke highly of the forum. According to the opinions of experts from Japan, Korea, Russia, UK, Ukraine, Poland, Egypt, Iran, etc., they have learned a lot in the forum. They look forward to the realization of building “The Belt & Road” ICH Protection Network, which was advocated by the Organizing Committee.


Participants took pictures in front of the forum background.

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