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Shanghai Art Collection Museum Introduction





Shanghai Art Collection Museum (SACM) is the first museum in China specializing in artistic gift collection. During the 2010 Shanghai World EXPO, SACM has been specified as the official foreign reception point. The museum’s name is inscribed by Mr. Lv Zhangshen, curator of the National Museum of China.




Since establishment, SACM has successfully organized a series of exhibitions and events with great social impact, including: the 1st to 6th Chinese-Japanese-South Korean Art Exhibitions, the 1st to 4th International (Shanghai) Intangible Culture Heritage Protection Forums, the 1st International Childrens Creative Art Exhibition, Costume Design Exhibition of the famous dancer Yang Liping, Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin Treasure Art Exhibition, Mr. Chen Peiqiu Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, Lv Zhangshen, Lu Fusheng and Li Keng "Three Peak Enhance Beauty" Exhibition, the second and third sessions of the China, Japan and Korea Famous Art Invitation Exhibition etc.


Currently, the museum collects numbers of highly distinctive artistic gifts, including “Duanxi Ink Stone” prototype, the Qing Dynasty Prince Chengzhe’s personally approved “Literary Selections”, Liang Qichao’s calligraphy masterpiece Imitate the Zhangqian Monument”, the draft of China’s national emblem designed by Lin Huiyin, Liang Sicheng’s “History of Chinese Sculpture” manuscript, and famous dancer Yang Liping’s Peacock Skirt. These are domestic rare treasures. Besides works by Chinese artists, the museum also collects artwork from Japanese culture meritorious reward artist AsakuraI Sokichi, Living National Treasure of Japan (including the Third Tokuda yasokichi, Yoshita Minori, Nakagawa Mamoru etc.) and well-known artists from South Korea.


The museum also develops original products entrusted by international events including the 2010 Shanghai World EXPO, 2011 FINA World Championships and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the State Council Information Office, Shanghai Municipal People's Congress and other organizations.


SACM has hired several leading artists as consultants, including the curator of the National Museum of China, Mr. Lv Zhangshen; famous arts and crafts education expert Chang Shana; famous painter and Shanghai-style calligraphy leader, Mr. Chen Peiqiu; Chinese Carving Academy Dean, Mr. Han Tianheng; China Academy of Art doctoral tutor, Mr. Lu Fusheng; Chinese Crafts and Artisan Master, Mr. Li Keng and Japanese artists including Japanese culture meritorious reward artists—The tenth Ohi Chozaemon and Japanese Living National Treasure Yoshida Minori.


SACM has long committed to international exchanges in culture and art, establishing cooperation with over 60 institutions worldwide. The International (Shanghai) Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Forum and the Chinese-Japanese-South Korean Art Exhibition has been successively recognized as major international cultural exchange projects by the Ministry of Culture of China and Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV.